‘Tis the season

 Psalm 93 v 5 “Your written testimonies are completely reliable. O Lord, holiness is what makes your house beautiful for days without end.”

The world was set in place, it cannot be moved is followed by a description of the ocean and then the Lord is said to be mightier than the raging water and the foaming waves of the sea. A description in the Old Testament mirrored by the story in the New Testament when Jesus is on a boat being rocked by a storm and the frightened disciples wake Him up and he calms the waves. A reliable description of the Lord. And what makes the house of the Lord beautiful? Holiness. The total devotion of an individual to God.

As the Christmas season begins to fill our lives with decorations, gift buying and wrapping, cooking, and eating, parades and Santa, find time too to read the scripture stories of the first Christmas. Make your house beautiful with the hope, love, peace, and joy of the season and share it with those around you.

Prayer: Mighty Lord, help us to find the true meaning of Christmas in Christ, in our hearts and in our home. Amen.

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