Luke 21: 25-36 v 26 “They couldn’t make Him say anything wrong in front of the people. His answers surprised them, so they said no more.”

In this passage we see learned people trying to trip up Jesus. Asking questions to make Him say things that would turn the people against Him . However, these learned people were surprised by His answers. He made sure that they were aware that difficult problems pondered on earth were not problems for God in heaven, as Jesus pointed out that we ” are God’s children “.

One of my grandsons’ favorite games at the moment is hiding and then surprising someone by saying “boo” and he falls about laughing when someone does the same to him. Back in the summer when I was cutting my front lawn, I found a drivers license. I was able through social media to contact the young person and she came and picked it up. She also explained what had happened, that she had been in a hurry and left her purse on the top of her car and driven off. The rest of her purse including the money in it had not been found. I commented that she must have been disappointed however the reply I received surprised me as she said, “they probably needed it more than me which is why they took it.”

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When was the last time you were surprised by someone and it made you laugh? When someone’s comments surprised you? When have you been caught up in trying to get your to do list completed and forgotten that you are a child of God? Go ahead surprise someone today with something good or turn the tension in an encounter into laughter.

Prayer: Holy God, thank you for treating me as your child, for the love and laughter that surrounds me and those who love you. Amen

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