Wonderful God

Isaiah 12 2-6 v 5 “Make music to praise the Lord. He has done wonderful things. Let this be known throughout the earth.”

In the Old Testament there is lots of fighting, times when the people of Israel disobey Gods commands, complain about Him, and even fight among themselves. However, there are also wonderful moments as well of insight into who God is. In this passage when deciding that God is our savior it gives great joy, and they express this by wanting to shout it aloud. Make music and sing with joy. They begin to recount all the good deeds, and remember that all good things come from God.

Life is like that even today. We complain about the weather, our jobs, the isolation caused by the pandemic and then Christmas comes. Hope, peace, joy, and love are found as we acknowledge the birth of Jesus. God came to rescue us from ourselves, and joy abounds. We see it in a moonlit snowy night, in the presents around the Salvation Army tree at the mall, the food collected at the food bank, the carols sung in the park, the laughter at the Santa Claus parade, the brilliant lights, the warm hugs, the birth of a baby. So, lets shout loudly, and sing with joy. “The Holy one of Israel is great. He is among us.

Prayer: Halleluiah praise the Lord. Halleluiah praise the Lord. Amen

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