Mary’s Song

Luke 1:46b-55 v “He honored humble people. He fed hungry people with good food”

From our understanding of the culture when Mary praised God, she was a teenager. Pregnant and not married she “hurried” to visit Elizabeth who could have been a cousin through her mother’s family as a “relative “meant a blood relationship. “My spirit finds its joy in God, my savior.” “His mercy last throughout every generation”. “He honored humble people. He fed hungry people with good food.” Mary obeyed God and understood that believing in God gave her joy, there is the same hope for future generations, He looks to humble people to be great, and that there is a practical side to a Christian faith as He will feed those that are hungry with good food.

Before I went overseas on a brief mission trip, I was prepared for the journey by attending “launch” run by the Eastern Mennonite Mission. Of the others in my ‘cohort’ there were two of us 20 years older than the rest. I was in regular discussion groups with these dedicated young people who were given a heart for mission at a very young age and I learn’t a lot from them. I was confident of my abilities to do the actual “work” as a medical missionary but lacked confidence that God wanted me there and would support me. These young people prayed for me, demonstrated their confidence in God, and fed me with good food.

As we connect with family over the holidays look for the wisdom of the young people you interact with, enjoy the food that you are given and know that God is with you.

Prayer: Holy Father thank you for providing for all our needs, as we find the joy in the season is believing in you and the amazing gift of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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