Growing with God

1 Samuel 2: 18-20,26 v 26 “ The boy Samuel continued to grow and gained favor of the Lord and the people.”

Samuel grew up within the walls of the Church buildings of the time however his parents visited him yearly and his mom made a special garment for him which he would wear every day. Although not growing up in his family home he was aware that his parents loved him and was reminded of this by the clothes he wore. The rules God gave his people in the Old Testament were to make God happy and the people happy. Samuel got it right the balance between serving the Lord and those around him as “the boy continued to grow and gain favor of the Lord and the people.”

Putting God first in your life and family and others second is always a good choice. It might not be for all to live a priestly life like Samuel but to start the day with a bible reading and prayer, to thank God during the day for his love whilst driving in the car, and to end the day with gratitude for the things that went well and to give the things you cannot control to God are ways to lead a healthy life, making God happy and those around you. As the old year comes to an end and we are all thinking of new and different things to live in the new year how about adding one small thing for God into your day?

Loving Father God, thank you for the blue skies and sunshine that brighten up a cold winter’s day. For technology that allows us to connect with family and friends safely and your love that sustains us through the long dark nights. Open our hearts to new beginnings and new ways to serve you and the world every day. Amen

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