Miracle and mad.              

John 2: 1 (1-9), 10 -18. v 16 “He told those who sold pigeons, “Pick up your stuff, and get it out of here! Stop making my Father’s house a market place”

Jesus went with his family to a wedding and performed a miracle, turning water into wine. His disciples were full of wonder at their new leader. They believed he was someone very special. Jesus then went to Jerusalem and to the temple where he turned out the sheep and cattle, pushed over the tables of the money changers and said” stop making my Father’s house a marketplace”. His disciples remembered that Scripture said “Devotion for your house will consume me”

I have often gone to Church on a Sunday morning and rejoiced in the miracle of a loving God, and then within minutes I would be home mad with my family about some hurt I felt. I guess Jesus’s disciples experienced the same feelings, the wonder of Jesus performing miracles then his mad displayed in the temple as he turned over tables and told people to “get out of here”. 

Being a Christian today does not mean that life will be without its ups and downs. There will be weddings and celebrations and great vacations along with family disagreements, failures at work and sad losses. However, Jesus is with you through it all. If you are in community with other Christians, their support will help you through the bad times and you can have fun together too. Believing in a God who can perform miracles and gets mad about the things that are important to Him gives us the courage to do the same.

Prayer: Thank you Jesus for supporting us in the fun things in life as well as the difficult situations, in the miracles and in the mad. Amen.

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