Go wherever I send you

 Jeremiah 1 4-10v 6-7 “O Sovereign Lord” I said “I can’t speak for you! I’m too young. “The Lord replied “Don’t say I am too young. You must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you.”

God must love a reluctant prophet because there are several in the bible. Here we see Jeremiah’s call to be a prophet to the nations. His first response, I can’t do the job I am too young! However, God reassures Jeremiah that this has been his plan since before he was born. Not to worry, God will give him the words. God even reached out and touched the mouth of Jeremiah to demonstrate in tangible terms what He, God, would do.

How reluctant have you been to follow God’s plan for you? What excuses have you come up with for not going where He sends you? We see Jeremiah a young man asked to stand up against nations and Kingdoms, so not a local outreach project but words that will effect an entire nation and talking to Kings!” Some to tear down and destroy, some to build up and plant” Two opposite ideas how would you know which to do and when? But God said” don’t be afraid of the people, for I will be with you and protect you.”

I have found it is Ok to be reluctant or to feel uncertain about your path. However, God’s path for your life with Him is well mapped out. How have you been doing things differently due to the pandemic? I have had time to write this blog. What do other people say about it? Other people have been telling me they enjoy it too. And words from the bible have led me to understand that this is what I should be doing, sharing the good news with others, honestly and simply. My path is becoming clear. What about you? Don’t be afraid. God will give you what you need.

Prayer: Holy Father may we listen to your voice and go where you send us knowing that you will be with us and give us the things we need. Amen

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