Hearing Jesus             

Luke 6:17- 26 v 18 “They had come to hear Him and to be healed of their diseases; and those troubled by evil spirits were healed.”

Jesus and his followers had gone up the mountain to pray, and then they came down the mountain, onto level ground. They were surrounded by people who wanted to hear Him and be healed. He taught the disciples to be happy when others curse them for following Him. To the poor, hungry and sad on this earth God blesses. For the rich, prosperous, and false God’s that are praised on earth sorrow awaits.

The Grand Valley Institution for Women is a standalone women’s multi-level design facility. There is a minimum security residential-style apartment unit. There are residential-style small group accommodation houses for minimum and medium-security inmates in an open campus design model.

Rated capacity: 215

That is the definition from the government website. I went on a tour quite a few years ago now and was also shown the maximum-security wing which looked like it was part of a movie set, bars, small windows, single bed, cameras everywhere, and although empty at the time we visited we were told that it was being used more and more and would need to be expanded in the years to come. Women are becoming more violent. In contrast for those who attended meetings to hear about Jesus and his love and not just for the good coffee and treats, we were told they certainly got the message, do bad things and bad things happen to you. That major changes are needed to be healed.  Jesus asks that we all change our ways and follow Him. For those that heard the redeeming message in prison profound changes were made.

For most of us understanding that message does not require us to go to jail. However, being rich and prosperous on earth is only temporary and can also get in the way of hearing the message and making the choice to follow Jesus. It is the way to eternal joy and happiness. Whatever your troubles are today, reach out to Jesus to be healed.

Prayer: Holy Father thank you for sending your Son to us so that when we hear the message we can be joyful in our faith whatever the circumstances. Amen

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