Love your enemies

Luke 6:27-28 v 28 “Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you.But to those who are willing to listen, I say, love your enemies”

This week is about the big things, the difficult things. On Thursday the message was about dying and resurrection, today about loving our enemies. Not only do we have to love our enemies but pray for them too. How do we know this? Well without being sugar coated it says so here in the New Testament of the Bible. We also saw Jesus demonstrate it when he was on the cross and prayed for those who crucified him.

This week I was reading a book “Resistance Women” by Jennifer Chiaverini set during World War two in Germany. Love your enemy? Fighting for justice and against evil was important for these women. They stood up to the government rules of the time, and instead of telling all, they kept and shared secrets.

We all know as parents that loving a child sometimes means doing things for them that they don’t like. Like making them wear a hat in cold weather, or eat vegetables as well as cookies. None of it is easy. If doing the right thing for those you love isn’t easy than how can you do it for those who you don’t like very much? How can you bless those who curse you?

First ask for help from God, and let the Holy Spirit guide your prayers. For most of us the “enemies’ in our lives are not going to kill us, but they do not bring out the best in us. First you must have a loving heart, decide on your inside to love them. With a smile on your face showing that change of heart, can you think of a way to do something nice for your enemy? Buy them a coffee on their birthday. Give them a complement. Offer to help them. Jesus loves you and is waiting to love them too, and He will show it through you.

Prayer: Loving God help us to show your love to the people we meet this week, even to those who are our enemies. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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