Joy in the storm!

 Psalm 97v 1 “The Lord rules as King. Let the earth rejoice. Let all the islands be joyful.”

Righteousness and justice are the foundations of his throne. His flashes of lightning light up the world. The heavens tell about His righteousness, and all the people of the world see His glory. You, O Lord the Most High, are above the whole earth. Let those who love the Lord hate evil. Find joy in the Lord you righteous people. Give thanks to Him as you remember how holy He is.

Today we are getting back to the “normal” routine after the first long weekend of the summer. Many travelled away from the city to enjoy the outdoors to find joy in God’s world. In my corner of the world the sky went dark, the lightening flashed, and the power went out as trees came down. Our street was without power for eight hours. This unpredictable event changed how we spent our weekend. A reminder that being a follower of Christ might cause us to make certain plans but the Lord rules as King, and we need to be flexible to answer His call. Family fun was around the campfire, instead of the water table, burning up many downed tree branches. Sweaters and long pants covered us instead of shorts and t shirts, but the chipmunks still came to eat the peanuts and a racoon ambled through our front yard as we observed the glory of nature and the Lord. There were smiles and laughter as we sang campfire songs in the warmth of our home, joyful in our own island. The storms in our lives change us, but Jesus is by our side , and God is bigger than any storm.

“Find joy in the Lord” Psalm 97v12

Prayer: Holy Father thank you for the joy that we find in the outdoors and the wonders of the storms in life that enable us to see your glory. Amen.

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