Give Thanks

 Psalm 67v v3 “ Let everyone give thanks to you, O God. Let everyone give thanks to you.”

The introduction to this psalm says” For the choir director; on stringed instruments; a psalm; a song.

Things have not been good these past few weeks. The war continues in Ukraine, another mass shooting at a school in Texas and closer to home aging relatives and our own aging bodies are in pain. Life is tough. But there is always hope if we believe in a God who has pity on us and will bless us, who will guide the nations of the world. All we must do is give thanks and encourage all the ends of the earth to worship Him.

Enjoy this version of the psalm: –

and thank God for all the good He brings to each day!

Prayer: Almighty God bless us today with healing of our tired bodies, with peace for our busy minds, and with joy for our souls as you guide the nations to do your work on this earth, now and always. Amen.

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