Joy in the Lord!

Psalm 16 v 3 “Those who lead holy lives on earth are the noble ones who fill me with joy.”

David was a prolific writer and this psalm meant as a song shows how central to his life God is and how “without you (God) , I have nothing good.” David finds joy in those who lead holy lives on earth . God advises him, determines his destiny, and as a result his heart is glad, and his soul rejoices. Complete joy is in your presence. Pleasures are by your side forever.

Growing up I sometimes wondered why church services were so solum. Mostly led by much older people until the Sunday services when the Sunday school performed and were allowed to stay for the entire service, or the youth took over. Was their only joy in the Lord for the young? Were the children the only ones who understood what David was writing about that life with God all around you brings joy? Now being one of those older persons and worshiping with a group of friends who I see living godly lives I find joy. Joy in the songs that are shared, in the witness of others, and in the presence of God. Summertime is a time of change in routines, a good time to worship in different times and places. So go ahead and find joy worshipping the Lord with those who live holy lives on earth.

“I will praise the Lord who advises me” Psalm 16 v 7

Prayer: Holy Father guide us this summer to a new worship experience so that we can be filled with the joy of following you. Amen.

Try out the mid-week fellowship offered by CrossWalk on a Wednesday evening during the summer at 7:30 pm via zoom. All are welcome. Send an email here for the zoom link.

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