God’s love today

 Hosea 11 1-11v 2b” This will illustrate how Israel has acted like a prostitute by turning against the Lord and worshipping other Gods. “

Hosea was told by God to marry a prostitute. He then named their children after the things He, God, was going to do. He named Hosea’s first son Jezreel as God will break its (Israel’s) military power in the valley of Jezreel. Next was born a daughter Lo-ruhamah, “Not loved”. A second son was born and named Lo-ammi, not my people. But as the people of Israel grew like the sands of the shore, too many to count, it will be said “You are the children of the living God.”

“You are children of the living God” Hosea 1v10b

As my vacation continues my sense of time has changed. The days spent with friends rushed by, then the last three days seemed like forever, and there is still a whole week left to go. A change in the routine of our everyday will do that. Concentrating on different activities, looking at new and exciting things takes us away from our regular priorities. When God talks to Hosea about the names of his children maybe five years goes by in the process as each of his children are born, weaned and another conceived. Lots of time to worship other God’s, to live without the love of God surrounding you and to eventually live the life as “not my people” Are we also on this journey? Slowly moving away from God, and similar minded people growing so many like the sands of the shore, too many to count. But ultimately God is faithful and wants His children back as he says, “You are the children of the living God”. So, if time has rushed by and you find yourself along way from God, or if it is only a few long days. He always want’s you back. He is a living God.

Prayer: Holy and loving God, draw us back to you today as we remember your love for us every day. Amen

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