Rich in our relationship with God?

 Luke 12: 13-21v 21” That is how it is when a person has material riches but is not rich in his relationship with God.”

A man asked Jesus to help in a dispute about sharing an inheritance. Jesus ‘s first response was who appointed me judge? or to divide your inheritance? He then told a story about a rich man who had a bountiful crop and decided to save it all for himself and live comfortably for the rest of his life. The Lord said “Fool! I will demand your life from you tonight.” That is how it is when a person has material riches but is not rich in his relationship with God.”

Jesus is all about the heart, and the basic needs in life, bread, light, truth. He is the vine attached to which we will produce fruit, be pruned, and produce more fruit. He is the gate through which we walk to be in the sheep fold and that protects us. He is concerned about the widow, the poor, the lonely, the outcastes not about how much money we have or how we selfishly want to save it for ourselves, divide it amongst family and live comfortably without Him in our lives.

“Life is not about having a lot of material possessions.” Luke 12 v 15b

We all get caught up in the busy of life. However, I have found that seeking Christ, has given me time to enjoy each day looking through a lens of love. To slow down and smell the roses and enjoy the journey. None of us know when the perfect time to leave this life will occur but Christ does, our days are written in His book. Be rich in your relationship with Him.

Prayer: Holy God thank you for giving us your Son Jesus Christ who shows us the way, guides us with His light and nourishes our souls. Amen

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