No hiding

 Jeremiah 23:23-29 v 24 “ No one can hide so that I can’t see him.” Declares the Lod. I fill the heaven and earth!” declares the Lord.

In the Old Testament the Lord is often referred to as the Lord of Armies.  In this passage as in most of the Old Testament God speaks directly to the prophets. He warns in this passage though of using His words to turn people away from God. “The person who has my word should honestly speak my word.  What does gain have to do with straw?’ asks the Lord! “

My grandson’s favorite game now is hide and seek. Although he gets that you must not see the other person, he just covers his eyes to hide! Sometimes I think we try and hide from God or at least cover our eyes in the hope that He does not see into our hearts. However, there is no hiding from God. The Lord of Armies fills the heaven and earth.

” “What does grain have to do with straw?’ Jeremiah 23 v 28b

I found this definition regarding the difference between straw and grain. One nutritious and nurturing the other not healthy: –

Straw refers to the plant material that is left over after grains like wheat and barley areharvested. The stems left behind become straw. Most of the nutrition of grain crops lies in the grain. The stalks that are remaining – the straw – are generally very low in quality and not very healthy for animals.

Live today with the “God who sees” , no hiding, feed those around you the nutritious grain of God’s words.

Prayer: Holy Father thank you for seeing us in all we do. For providing us with your word to guide us and your love to sustain us all all we are fighting for today. Amen.

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