Luke 12: 49-56 v 51 “Do you think I came to bring peace to earth? No! I can guarantee that I came to bring nothing but division.”

The title of this passage is “Jesus will cause conflict.” He talks about how a family of five will be divided two against three, and a son against his father, a daughter against her mother and a daughter in law against her mother-in-law. He goes on to say that even two thousand years ago they could predict the weather by looking at the sky and knowing the direction of the wind. How could people not see what was going on “in the time they were living.”

Strong beliefs do divide. We have seen during the pandemic families divided by the choices made around vaccinations. Even today as restrictions are lifted some people prefer to wear masks when out in a crowd. Obviously different from many around them.

And then there are the discussions around climate change. Do we believe that the severity of the weather changes is manmade? That change is needed “in the time we are living” to protect the planet for future generations?

“I have come to throw fire on the earth” Luke 12: 49

….and our faith? Jesus states “I have come to throw fire on the earth.” Believing in one God, in Jesus our savior and in the Holy Spirit who came after Jesus suffered on the cross is life changing. You are different from others, let that division shine today and throw fire on the troubles around you.

Prayer: Holy God thank you for making us different as we trust you to be with us today. Amen

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