A good time to do the right thing

 Luke 13: 10 – 17v 17 “As He said this, everyone who opposed Him felt ashamed. But the entire crowd was happy about the miraculous things He was doing.”

In today’s reading, we find Jesus teaching in a church on the day of worship. He saw a woman physically bent over, who had been like that for eighteen years. He called her to him and said” Woman you are free from your disability”. He placed His hands on her, and she immediately stood up straight and praised God.” The religious leader of the church was irritated. He was confidant that others would agree with him, so he explained to the crowd the law- six days of work. Gave an alternative option, come on another day. And negatively pointed out “Don’t come on the day of Worship”

Jesus replied. “You hypocrites.” He pointed out that everyone there still cares for their animals on the day of worship, turning them into a field to eat, and giving them something to drink? Jesus also quoted the law. This woman was part of God’s family, a descendant of Abraham. It was the evil forces in the world that had kept her this way for 18 years, Satan. Isn’t it right to free her on the day of worship? As He said this, everyone who opposed Him felt ashamed. But the entire crowd was happy about the miraculous things He was doing.”

Sometimes like the leader of this Church we try too hard to keep the rules and live our lives according to our interpretation of things and not God’s. I have read books about showing the love of God to others and how some people would have great conversations on airplanes or in the grocery store so I would ask God when I had the time to give me those opportunities. I would sit hopefully on a plane and the person next to me would put on earphones and go to sleep. In the grocery store I would seem to be invisible no one would come close to me or talk to me. However, when I was just dashing in for a few things, then someone would want to talk to me. When I was busy packing my groceries with the weekly meal plan in my head, someone came and asked for food. When I was tired and wanting a quiet ride on a plane someone sat next to me who wanted to talk for the entire five-hour flight!

“The entire crowd was happy about the thigs he ( Jesus) was doing.” Luke 13 v 17b

God always cares for all people. He chooses the best time to do His work. Our job is to do it. Not to be irritated if it seems at the wrong time. Not to say let’s do this another day but respond in the moment. And not to make the person who needs the help feel bad due to the timing.  

Prayer: Holy God thank you for giving us opportunities to serve your people at any time. Help us to respond as Jesus did with love. Amen

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