Jeremiah 2:4-13 v 5b “ What did your ancestors find wrong with me that they went so far away from me?”

The prophets continually ask us to “listen to the word of the Lord”. What did your ancestors find wrong with me that they went so far away from me?” They didn’t ask “Where is the Lord”” My people have done two things wrong. They have abandoned me.” They have also dug their own cisterns” “That is why I am bringing charges against you.

We have all done things we know are wrong. Shouted at someone we love when they are trying to help us. Forgotten appointments that have left others waiting.  Eaten a donut when an apple would be better. Watched T.V. instead of having an early night to be better refreshed in the morning. To be too busy thinking about what to do tomorrow, to enjoy the day. And to forget to listen to the word of God, and to direct our lives to what He wants us to do. That is why He gets mad at us. That is why things had to change and Jesus came as lifegiving water. After all what is the use of building a cistern, a holding for water, that is broken? What is the use of controlling your day yourself and keeping God out when we are made to be children of God?

“Yet my people have exchanged their Glory for something that doesn’t help them.” Jeremiah 2 v 11b

Stop right now. Let’s pray together:

Holy Life-giving Father, calm our minds and our bodies so that we can listen to you today. We are sorry for the many little things we do everyday that take us away from the person you want us to be. Thank you for sending us your Son, Jesus so that we can in loving ourselves and our neighbor follow His example.  Amen.

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