Listen to the prophets

 Luke 16: 19-31 v29  “Abraham replied, “They have Moses’ teachings, and the prophets. Your brothers should listen to them.”

Jesus is teaching about a rich man and a poor man. The name of the rich man is not known but the poor man is called Lazarus. The rich man enjoyed a life full of parties whilst Lazarus was covered in sores and ate scraps that fell from the table. Lazarus went to live in heaven with Abraham whilst the rich man was tortured in the fires of hell. The rich man first asked for some relief for himself but was offered none and then when asking on behalf of his brothers was told, “They have Moses’ teachings, and the prophets. Your brothers should listen to them.”

“One day the beggar died, and the angels carried him to be with Abraham.”
Luke 16 v 22

Jesus often told stories to help us understand the importance of a life of faith. Ignoring those around you who are suffering if you have riches to help is not an option. Once in the fires of hell, “a wide area separates them from heaven. People couldn’t cross it in either direction even if they wanted to.” The choices you make on earth are yours to endure in eternity. Abraham knew the name of the poor man who suffered. God needs to know your name too. Who has called you by name to service this week? How did you respond?

Prayer: Heavenly Father guide us today to do your work as we listen for our name to be called. Give us courage to follow the teachings of Moses and the prophets every day. Amen.

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