Lamentations 1: 1-6v 2 “ all of Jerusalem’s friends have betrayed it and become its enemies.”

Due to the style of the writing and the laments written in other places this book is attributed to Jeremiah. The prophet who predicted the fall of Jerusalem. He is not saying here “I told you so” rather he is sad at the loss. In sorrowful descriptions of once being important, now being like a widow, a princess doing forced labor, of tears running down cheeks and no one offers comfort. “The Lord made Zion suffer for its rebellious acts.” Its enemies have no worries. All splendor has abandoned the people of Zion.

“The roads to Zion are deserted” Lamentations 1 v 4

The Old Testament speaks of following rules to be the way to God. And time and time again we see people unable to follow those rules and disaster strikes. God realized that there had to be another way to redeem His people. Giving them Kings and their own place to live and worship didn’t work. So, He sent Jesus. Who preached in the churches and on the hillside. To the priests and to the prostitutes. Rules were made simple to love God and to love our neighbor. The repeated sacrifices of animals were no longer needed due to the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, who died for all. If you feel that all splendor has abandoned you, turn to the bible for words of comfort from Jesus. Lamentation is part of the story but by no means the end. Following the rules is important and to help us we have the Holy Spirit, sent by the one God. Your life might not be without its struggles, and we all have things we can lament about. Even if friends become enemies, God will provide for all your needs.

“Keep praying” Colossians 4 v 2

Prayer: Mighty God thank you for being bigger than all our laments. Let your light shine in us today. Amen.

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