Mid Week Fellowship 2023

Christmas, for most of us, is a time of festive celebration. It is an occasion for renewing precious friendships and to reminisce about days gone by. But too soon we put away all our Christmas decorations and jump into the New Year with goals and plans for what is ahead. 

Let’s take a bit more time to think about Christmas, and take a more detailed look at the nativity scene. What exactly does the Star mean? When we look at the stable and the manger, what do we see?  The familiarity of Christmas sometimes causes us to overlook the most vital expressions of what should be a meaningful season.  Let’s once again feel the pulse and experience the energy of a miraculous story that transfuses new life into all who will truly listen.

Join us today, Wednesday at 7pm, as we take a second look at the nativity scene – to be encouraged to look with new vision upon what has become so familiar to us during the Christmas season Send you email here and the link will be sent to you.

“Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the reign of King Herod” Matthew 2 v 1.

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