Living in the Love

1 John 4v 7-21 “God is love”

Depending on the bible translation the word love is used in the bible over 500 times. If repetition is a sign of how significant the word is then that would make it important. In this passage in the New Testament the reminder is that God first loved us. Believing in God allows us to love others. Sometimes it is hard to live with those you love. In parenting our children, I often said, I love you but do not like the things you are choosing to do, such as not do your homework or take out the garbage. Household rules needed to be discussed first with the individual and then at a family meeting to work out these differences. If things could not be resolved the wider community was asked to help out, extended family, friends, coaches. In any group trying to live in community there are differences of opinion. How these differences are worked out, with the bases of love and a knowledge that all are different but an important part, is the sign of a thriving and growing community. Make sure that love is at the root of all you do today and remind those that you live closely with that you love them. Knowing that God loved you first you can extend that love to all. Don’t keep it hidden from view .

Prayer:- Loving God , thank you for loving me and allowing that love to shine for others to see. Guide me in all I do today to show love first to all I meet. Amen


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