5 Things that change in your life if you are guided by the Holy Spirit

Romans 8 v 22- 27

  1. “the Spirit as the first of God’s gifts” v 23 – living a Christian life changes how you think and act, accepting Jesus into your life and acknowledging God opens your soul to the gift of the Holy Spirit.
  2. “Hope for what we don’t see” v 25 – I was reading a book about gardening and the author who I cannot remember her name was asked isn’t gardening frustrating as you are never finished? She replied that is the joy of it! Much like your spiritual journey is never finished on this earth but there is a deep joy found in the hope that it brings as you journey every day.
  3. “Helps us in our weakness” v 26 – what a great promise. There are many stories in the bible of God being on the side of the weak such as David and Goliath ( I Samuel 17 v 1-51) . To know that there is help with our weaknesses allows us to walk humbly with our God.
  4. “Our groans cannot be expressed in words” 26b – having other people pray for us in times of deep stress is often a need expressed by Christians. I remember a story told at a conference of a Mom who prayed all the time. However when her child was sick in hospital prayers failed her. She didn’t want to pray God’s will be done she wanted her child better, no other option. She sat in confusion and sorrow, but somehow felt supported and loved. Later she found out her home church was praying for her, and her child recovered. Sometimes our own words fail us.
  5. “ the Spirit intercedes for God’s people the way God wants him to” – the ultimate prayer partner the Holy spirit searches our hearts and guides us the way God wants us to go.

Prayer: Thank you God, for the Holy Spirit that guides me in my prayer today………………………………………Amen

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