Give God the Glory

Psalm 29 v 1b,2b, 4a, 11b :- Give to the Lord glory and power, worship the Lord in his Holy splendor, the voice of the Lord is powerful, the Lord will bless the people with peace.

I have often watched with envy strong football players thanking God for the power to succeed, giving God the glory for being able to catch the football and score the winning touchdown on national TV. I have read many devotionals and heard others describe how for example they were embarrassed by their Dad a minister whenever they went to a grocery store as he always found an opportunity to talk to someone about the amazing love of God. It is our great commission to spread the good news to others. I knew it was difficult for me but I thought I had to try so I started to speak up at bible studies. I figured if I could talk about God and His role in my life to fellow Christian that would be a start. In small ways I began to talk more about God to others and have since had conversations at work, and on the street where I live , and gave away food to someone who asked in the parking lot of a grocery store. When was the last time you talked to someone about the glory and power the Lord gives to you in your life?

With Church buildings being closed traditional forms of worship are still being modified to zoom services, youTube, in parking lots, or small gatherings outside. The upside of the pandemic is it is now easier to attend a church service from your own home. So try it out, when was the last time you worshiped the Lord?

If you talk about the Lord and Worship Him you realize that the voice of the Lord is powerful and during your day whatever you are doing peace will be at your core rather than worry or fear.

Prayer:- Dear God thank you for providing different ways to worship you during the pandemic, for the love joy and peace you bring to our lives in all we do. Amen. 

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