What is in your heart today?

1 Samuel 15 v34 – 16 v13
 v 7 “God does not see as humans see. Humans look at outward appearances, but the Lord looks into the heart.”

In the Old Testament God is often called the God of Armies and there are lots of wars and fighting between enemies of the Israelites as they serve God, reject Him then go back to Him. The fickleness of human nature. The difficulty we have following rules and regulations is not a new phenomenon of COVID restrictions. Samuel the prophet was sad that Saul the King fell out of favor with God and with him. God told Samuel to ‘get over it” and find another King. Samuel was terrified that Saul would kill him if he left his home. Samuel however trusted the Lord even though those around him like the church official where also terrified, “they were trembling with fear”. Following the path God has planned for us is sometimes filled with fear of others’ reactions. Our human nature gets the better of us and we tremble as we stand up to read the scripture in Church or reply to someone who asks if we are a Christian at work, respond to someone begging on the streets. In this passage God reminds us that He looks into our hearts and not at outward appearance. Samuel trusted God deep in his heart and safely was able to travel and anoint the new king, David.

What has God placed in your heart this week? To give your children a hug? Meet outside with your neighbors or small church group? Take a deep breath and see the obstacles in your path disappear.

Prayer- Loving God help me to say yes to what you have put in my heart despite my fears. Amen.

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