Body Mind and Soul

2 Corinthians 5 v 6-10 and 14-17 v “Clearly Christs love guides us. We are convinced of the fact that one man has died for all people.  V 17 Whoever is a believer in Christ is a new creation.”

I am sure we have all complained about our looks or our talents at sometime in our lives. I for one have short legs and cannot sing very well. (The one time I was in a choir they pointed out they were always in need of more volume). Why was I not created with these things? What does it mean being guided by Christs love and being a new creation?

Old you!

In some things we are all created the same, we have a mind a body and a soul. There are many differences in humans after that. Some of these things we are happy about and some not. However, if you have the love of Christ as your center to guide you in all you do you will be a new creation. The fact that you have short legs does not stop you walking a 5km race in Toronto to raise funds for a charity or sitting at a concert and enjoying the singing of others. You can choose to believe in Christ who died for us all and you will be a new creation. For you and me, no exceptions, despite our mind and our bodies being different our souls can be joined in unity by the love of Christ.

New you!

Go to the join in page of the CrossWalk website and see how you can be part of a community where all are welcome or email us and we will pray for you.

Prayer: Almighty God, Thank you for giving me your son Jesus Christ as an example of your love in this world, who died for me to make me a new creation in my soul. Amen

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