Music and the Lord

Psalm 9 v 9-11 “Make music to praise the Lord.”

There are always highs and lows in life. Times when we are incredibly sad, due to the loss of a loved one or a job loss. Smaller down times at the end of a vacation, or your team not moving forward in the playoffs. Through COVID the lack of travel and having to wear a mask. So, what can be done to “chase the blues away”? Making music or listening to music can help. My husband and his sisters often play this game and share many laughs by inserting a song title into their conversation e.g.  Jane “What a lovely day “.  Melissa replies singing:- ” It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood” . There is a song written about almost everything. They can keep this up for hours, see how long you can. Singing in the car on a long journey is also a great pick me up to pass the time or creating a great play list as you run or exercise. Have you thought of using praise music ? Singing praise to God is a great benefit to our soul. At CrossWalk during a mid-week fellowship  session the group formed a song, using the tune twinkle twinkle little star they put together thoughts to come up with this song:

Crosswalk is the place to be,

Wednesday night for you and me.

Come together, learn to pray,

Help each other, day by day,

CrossWalk is the place to be, Wednesday night please join with me.

Whether you are standing in a lovely warm summer rain or there are clouds of thunder all around make music to praise the Lord.

Prayer: How Great thou art, praise the Lord. Amen.

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