Fear of the Lord

Psalm 130 v 3-4 “O Lord, who would be able to stand, if you kept a record of sins? But with you there is forgiveness so that you can be feared.”

Yesterday I was walking with my grandson in our front yard, and he wanted to use the new skill he has just learnt, walking, to see the trucks and cars going by on the road. I wanted him to hold my hand and kept saying to him for his own safety, as the road was dangerous. My normally cheerful and happy grandson began trying to pull his hand away from me and when that did not work sat down with a grumpy look on his face. His lack of fear and understanding led him to experience frustration and restrictions on his freedom. Having respect or fear in some situations is a lesson he still needs to learn. How about you? The biblical meaning of fear either in Hebrew or Greek languages has a broader meaning. According to Romans 3:2 – the “fear of the Lord” means reverential awe. It does not describe the fear that makes you run from danger; it describes the “reverential awe” that we should have toward God. The psalmist is also talking of a joyful fear in the Lord. To have a healthy “fear of the Lord” enables us to worship and praise him.

Take time out today to listen quietly to this song written from psalm 130 https://youtu.be/juvfK_i4axs

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