Asking of God

I Kings 2: 10-12; 3: 3-14 v7 “Lord my God, although I am young and inexperienced you’ve made me King in place of my father David.”

The stories of the Old Testament help to ground our belief in a mighty God. Here God asks the question to a young and inexperienced King, “What can I give you?” and the answer Solomon gives God pleases God. How does God respond? He gives Solomon what he wants, wisdom and then all the other things that this world can give too riches and a long life which he did not ask for.

Just as the response that Solomon gave God changed his life so our response to God questions can change our lives today. God is a good God. If what we do pleases Him we will be rewarded. We all have a choice and if as Solomon does we make our choices from the heart with priorities that help serve God and others good things will happen.

Prayer: Almighty Father, help us to make good choices this ad everyday in Jesus name we pray. Amen

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