Friday Family Fun

Back to school is in the air! I saw a yellow school bus driving the new routes yesterday, hairdressers are busy with back to school cuts for teacher and students, and student “packages” are available for purchase with all you will need for the bathroom, the kitchen for those leaving home for the first time.

As you drive to a new destination or around town to pick up all the items you need play the game below:-

The first player begins by adding a word after saying “In my suitcase I have …” and the players go on to repeat the entire sentence using the competitors’ words (without making a mistake) before adding a word in turn. For example “In my suitcase I have a hat / In my suitcase I have a hat and pants / In my suitcase I have a hat, pants and a snake”. You can indeed twist the game by not only adding an object but also an animal. The same game could also be played using the sentence ” In my backpack I have ….”

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