Proverbs 1 v 20 -33   v 22 “How long will you gullible people love being so gullible?  How long will you mockers find joy in mocking? How long will fools hate knowledge?

The promise of wisdom. It is as frustrating today as in the time of the Old Testament. The effects of a pandemic continue to control the lives of the world. There are those who are crying out to all to get vaccinated and are frustratingly asking How long will it take for you to understand? How long for you to realize that this is not a political play? How long before you understand that you are risking all our lives?

If everyone was vaccinated the pandemic restrictions would be lifted, our worries would be less.

If everyone understood the wisdom in the bible the promise is the same ‘Whoever listens to me will live without worry.”

Holy Father: I pray today for wisdom for those struggling with the decision to vaccinate and those struggling to listen to your wisdom. Amen.

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