Speak Wisely

 Hebrews 3 1-12 v 9 “with our tongues we praise our Lord and Father. Yet, with the same tongues we curse people, who were created in God’s image.”

Once a week during the summer months I play golf. I am new to the sport only taking it up as I approached retirement. It is fun but also frustrating.  I enjoy being outside in lovely green surroundings and have seen eagles swoop onto the course and deer and the sounds of the birds are everywhere. I have hit a tee shot that sored in the air, sank a putt, from the edge of the green, and a few weeks ago hit a par three from the tee to within a club’s length of the hole. I love golf. Anyone who has played knows that along with all these great highs comes the day or hole when nothing goes right and despite concentrating that little white ball does not go forward the way you visualize it, and I curse that ball or club!

This analogy of the tongue being able to praise and to curse is only too well understood. When applied to people not a golf game the stakes are much higher, and it is not so easily admitted. It goes on in this passage to say that it is possible to train many animals, birds, and beasts from the sea but difficult to control the tongue. How true. When have you said something that you wish you could take back?

Try to say good things to everyone you meet today. Train your tongue to praise all of Gods people made in His image.

Prayer: Heavenly Father help me to praise all those I meet today. Amen

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