Psalm 54: v 7: “Your name rescues me from every trouble. My eyes will gloat over my enemies.”

In the introduction to this psalm, we are told it was written by David when people from the city of Ziph told Saul that David was hiding among them. In it we see the plea from David to save him, David listing his belief in God, “his helper, provider of life, “then the human response “pay them back with evil”.  The God of armies in the Old Testament tries to encourage obedience by writing strict laws, destroying humans when they don’t measure up and then starting again. David is trying to save his life by hiding from Saul who has threatened to kill him but the people he trusted to hide him have betrayed him. He cries out to God “O God, save me by your name, and defend me with your might.” Finally at the end of the psalm David makes a sacrifice and gives thanks for God’s good name. He puts all his trust in God, “Your name rescues me from every trouble”

In my life I have had times when I am overwhelmed, with being at home with a new baby and not sleeping much, with juggling teenagers and work and chores, with my parents health issues as they got older. I felt like hiding in a cave, and indeed retreated to bed for the day, had a day off work to refocus, and complained about having to look after parents. In our deepest troubles like David strength to continue is found in the words of the bible, from a God who saves, and rescues us.

Prayer: Holy and loving Father, thank you for being there everyday, with comforting words. For knowing that we can find shelter under your wings, and that you will rescue us from every trouble. Amen.

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