God’s Son

 Hebrews 1:1-4; 2:5-12v 3 “His Son is the reflection of Gods glory and the exact likeness of God’s being.”

Most of the bible is Old Testament stories, of creation, of slavery and overcoming oppression and despite many god’s in the culture of the day believing in the one God. However, “in these last days he has spoken through his Son.” Jesus a radical in His time, associating with the outcastes of society, the rich tax collectors, the lonely widow, the Samaritan women. Feeding the five thousand, healing the sick and answering tough questions posed by the religious leaders of the time that left those very leaders lacking in compassion and love for others. If His Son is the “reflection of God’s glory “and of “God’s being” then being like Jesus should be our aim.

Yesterday in the Mid Week Fellowship session of CrossWalk friends the discussion was around helping those on the street. How difficult it is, as often we are worried about what to do, and how to approach someone in need. Some people are obviously more comfortable and have more opportunities living or working in large urban centers. However, the next time you see someone in need, say a prayer for help, introduce yourself, ask if there is anything you can do. Then wait and listen. Prepare to be amazed at what God can do.

Holy Father, you sent your Son to save all who believe in Him, and to show us your true self. Guide our hearts and minds to understand your message for us today and follow the way of Jesus as we go about our daily lives. Amen.

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