Family Ties

Ruth 3:1-5: 4 :1317 v 17b “He became the father of Jesse, who was the father of David”

In the male dominated society at the time the bible was written to have a book named after a woman was out of the box thinking. To have a daughter in law stand by her mother-in-law when they were both widowed was also against the current acceptable cultural practices. If a young childless woman was widowed, she would return to her original family. Not Ruth. She loved Naomi, her mother-in-law, and God eventually gave Ruth a son, who not only protected Naomi but would be the grandfather of David.

Growing up in the UK I would be surprised to sometimes meet people from the USA looking for their relatives. Some would be in church yards, some in unfamiliar streets asking for directions to a particular house. Growing up with my grandparents close by I found it hard to imagine that people separated by only a generation grew up not knowing their families. In todays reading we learn the origin of David’s family. How Ruth in a strange country with no family around trusted God to change her situation for the better. Can you look back in your family history and find a story of faith, when God changed things for the better or are you at the start of the story? Walking with a relative by marriage or other out of the box relationship to start a new life together?

Wherever you are in a loving relationship trust in God to make things better and He will surround you with the family you need.

Prayer: Loving Father thank you for the loving family you provide for us to help us in our daily lives. Amen 

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