Psalm 127 v 2 ‘It is useless to work hard for the food you eat by getting up early and going to bed late. The Lord gives food to those He loves while they sleep.”

Sunday is the designated day of worship for Christian denominations. A day when the aim is to be at Church and learn more about God, sing songs and not to work. Psalm 127 written by Solomon, “for going up to worship” clearly points out that striving to build a home or guard a town is useless without the Lord” I have heard fellow Christians saying how hard it is to get a worship service right, that sometimes despite working long hours to complete all the elements that make up a service somebody always complains.

So what do we do? Trust the Lord to provide for all our needs , “the Lord gives food to those He loves while they sleep” Come as you are, no perfect people allowed, but do not expect to stay as you are. When you take part in worship God will provide what you need. As you join in with others on your faith journey you will be changed.

Wherever you worship today make sure the Lord is there , otherwise it is useless.

Prayer: Holy God guide me in all I do today as I strive to put you first, amen.

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