Psalm 25 v5” Lead me in your truth and teach me because you are God my savior. I wait all day long for you.”

This psalm written by David a great King shows that all are vulnerable to the ups and downs of this world. Rebelliousness, loneliness, suffering, fearful of enemies “that have increased in number”, shame. David asks that the Lord remember His compassionate deeds, and to remove the guilt he feels “because it is great” . David concludes with “I have taken refuge in you. Integrity and honesty will protect me because I wait for you.”

What are your problems today? It is easy to list our sad times, times when we are made to feel unloved, unwanted and unappreciated. Anger and sadness can overwhelm us. Some brought about by our own actions, some by circumstances beyond our control, some by the people around us.

So where is the hope? The anticipation of good things to come or release of these unhealthy tensions? In the Old Testament the Hope was in a God that was good who showed by His deeds that He cared and despite the bad things going on around them people of God trusted in Him and had hope for a better future. The New Testament hope is found in Jesus who triumphed over everything. A bold hope that encompasses the whole of creation , that a better world for all one day will come.

So we wait and learn about God who is with us on our journey of life. Maybe you can join in on Wednesday evenings for a zoom discussion at 7pm send an email here

or join a more formal group such as the Advent zoom small study group at Grace United Church https://www.graceunitedtavistock.com/  “Waking Up to Advent” starting Tuesday Nov 30th 7pm, also Dec 7th, Dec 14th and Dec 21st.

Prayer: Holy God forgive us our rebellious ways and unite us in the hope of good things to come as we wait for you. Amen

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