Rough Roads

Luke 3:1-6 v 5 b “The crooked ways will be made straight. The rough roads will be made smooth.”

In this passage the time of John the Baptist is identified by the other rulers of the time both the Roman rulers and the Chief Priest. John told people about a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins, and then follows a quote form the Old Testament in which the “the crooked ways will be made straight” and “the rough roads made smooth.” How ? Through a belief in God.

There is a pandemic. A crisis in the world that has turned every corner of the word upside down. We have become aware that the Government of our day is important as new rules that regularly change affect how we work and play . Religious institutions have had their challenges during this time too as abuse and corruption have been highlighted. Certainly crooked ways and rough roads. “All people will see the salvation that God gives.”

So how does this work in everyday situations? Put God first. Start your day with reading a verse from the bible. There are many online resources and using a variety of translations can help. Put what you read into practice. The world says you need to be busy all the time. God says take a day off. The world says happiness is found in new clothes. God says I clothe the flowers and aren’t they beautiful so don’t worry about that so much. “Crooked ways will be made straight. The rough roads will be made smooth”

Prayer: Holy God, Thank you for your words of wisdom found in the bible and the assurance that your ways will smooth the rough roads. Amen

One thought on “Rough Roads

  1. What a beautiful picture of hope in a mixed up world. The Lord provides a light for our path and makes the road straight. Thank you for this awesome message!


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