Strengthen those who hear

1 Corinthians 15:12-20  v19 “ But In a church meeting I would rather speak five understandable words to help others than ten thousand words in an unknown language.”

The Holy Spirit gives everyone gifts to strengthen other believers. Paul is writing to a group of Christians in Corinth who are having a disagreement about the importance of these gifts and how they should use them. Paul states that it is Ok to want to have gifts from the Holy Spirit but to pray for “those that will strengthen the whole church”. The Christian community is encouraged to sing praises to God, to be thankful in words that everyone can understand as this “will strengthen the people that hear.” He encourages them to be like babies when it comes to evil, but be ” mature in understanding matters of this kind.

 If you google the definition of church, it is a place where Christians gather to worship. However, in the bible, and here Paul is not talking about building a strong building but to strengthen the faith of other believers. Just as a group of geese is a gaggle, a group of Christian believers is a church. The reason for believers to group together is to learn more about God, pray together, and praise God together so becoming more mature. The Olympic games is coming to a close this week but the motto faster, higher, stronger together has encouraged all the athletes to reach for their personal best by competing with the best in the world. The individual effort of the athletes is supported by a variety of people with different talents from equipment specialists to those with medical knowledge. Guided by the Holy Spirit strengthening other Christians, the church, using language that everyone can understand encourages Christians to be their best in this world. So find your community today, to be as strong, and the best that you can be.

Faster, Higher, Stronger, Together

Prayer: Holy Father, guide us all to a deeper understanding of what you want us to be in this world, using our individual talents to strengthen others in our community. Amen.

CrossWalk is a small community group encouraging a deeper walk along the Christian journey . A new Baby and Me program for caregivers and children aged 0-3 years to introduce God to busy family life is coming in the spring. All are welcome to join in . Send an email here to join your talents to this community or ask for prayer to guide you where you need to be. Stronger together.

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