Holy Lord

Psalm 99v 3 “Let them praise your great and awesome name. Your name is Holy.

The Lord is King! Let the nations tremble! Mighty King lover of justice, you have established fairness. …a forgiving God. The Lord our God is holy.

One of my husbands’ favorite exclamations is “Holy smoke”. Working on construction sites for over 40 years I know he also used some others, but especially when the kids were little it was well used around our house to express extreme pleasure. I didn’t realize it was used so much until my parents started using it when we were in the UK. Holy smoke in our house meant great job.

What do we mean then when we say Holy Lord, God is Holy? Holy in the dictionary means dedicated to God or sacred which in turn means a higher purpose, venerated which means regarded with great respect. In psalm 99 we see other images of God. The Lord is King. The top of the food chain. No matter where you think you are or others around you, let the nations tremble! “The Lord sits in majesty in Zion exalted above all the nations. Lover of justice and a forgiving God. He is fair to those who call out to Him for He is holy. As “they cried out to the Lord for help He answered them”

Shrove Tuesday the day to traditionally eat pancakes, to prepare for 40 days of lent, of Jesus tempted in the wilderness, to fast, pray and give . To confront our own weaknesses and temptations keep in the front of your thoughts a forgiving God, lover of justice who will answer your prayers, for the Lord our God is Holy.

Prayer: Holy Lord thank you for your wisdom, justice and forgiving heart that allows us to encounter our own weaknesses  knowing that you are King. Amen

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