Luke 24: 1-12 v 10 “The women were Mary from Magdala, Joanna, and Mary (The mother of James). There were also other women with them. They told the apostles everything.”

Luke is all about the details and in this recounting of the empty tomb it is all about the women. The women prepared the spices on the Friday but then rested for the sabbath, and now it is very early on the Sunday morning. They first noted that the stone had been rolled away. They went inside and the body wasn’t there which puzzled them. Then two men in bright clothes suddenly appeared. The women were terrified. However, they listened to the men and “then the women remembered what Jesus had told them”. The apostles thought the women’s story did not make sense. Peter ran to check it out. Then he went away wondering what had happened.

“The women were Mary from Magdala, Joanna, and Mary ( the mother of James). Luke 24 v 10

Women understand love can be expressed in many ways. The love of a husband different from the love of one’s children and then the love of a neighbor and a stranger different again. Then the love of Jesus expressed in his death and then his resurrection. Words are important to women, and they remember what people say. They did not see the risen Christ but understood that He did what he told them He would do.

So today remember the wise words of the women in your life. Be thankful that they listen and can understand the depth of feelings expressed in words as well as actions.

Prayer: Holy Father thank you for the wise women who surrounded Jesus and who are in our lives today. Thank you to for the joy found on Easter morning at the empty tomb. Amen.

2 thoughts on “ Women

  1. Really appreciated this devotion today -so very true!
    May God continue to pour out His Love and Grace upon them.
    Thank you
    Kay Mountford


  2. My precious friend Kay …….we have our eyes on the prize and can received power from this!! Love and care about YOU! Gail


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