Family Fun Day

Cheer each other on to greater things! This week as a family we celebrated a birthday and sang the Happy Birthday song . I was at a hockey game and we cheered the players on to skate faster, shoot the puck, and when they scored a goal it was lowed in appreciation of their efforts.

Pick up a drum or a pot and wooden spoon and march around the house cheering everyone on or remember a cheer and shake a towel or pompoms!

Hey, Hey
Hey, Hey are you ready? (double clap)
Are you ready? (double clap)
To play (clap)
Say go team (clap)
Go team (clap)
Family ( Name) all the way!

Stronger than steel,
Hotter than the sun;
Robbie (family name) won’t stop,
’til he gets the job done! ( Repeat with all the family)

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