Faith like a mustard seed

Mark 4 v 26 to 34  v 33-31  Jesus asked, “How can we show what the Kingdom of God is like? To what can we compare it? It’s like a mustard seed planted in the ground.”

Mustard seeds are small, and although as a teenager I was involved in many “good works” outward signs of my belief , I would now describe my faith as like a mustard seed at that time. My privileged white life enabled me to confidently help others in need, but I was also restless for something different. I found a home and built a life in another country. And now I need a much bigger faith than that of a mustard seed as the effects of that journey have radically changed the lives of the original inhabitants of the land that is the home of my children and grandchildren. I need to shelter under the branches of a tree so large that “birds can nest in the branches”. Truth and reconciliation needs to happen by doing more than token “good works” for our indigenous neighbors. There needs to be relationship building and education and understanding.

Prayer: Merciful God forgive actions that cause others pain and discomfort and guide us to a new relationship with those who we share the land. Grow our faith like the mustard seed to allow for true reconciliation. Amen

Connect with CrossWalk as they journey along the path of reconciliation to start in the month of September. Government resources for the month of June can be found here.

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