Family Fun Day

The last day of school and the beginning of summer! What an amazing time of the year. The days are warm the nights are short a great time to enjoy the outdoors. A time for families to relax, unwind from the work schedule and plan a vacation or at least a night off from screens and worries. Join together around a campfire!

5 Fun Campfire Questions

  1. Can you boil water in a paper cup on a campfire?
  2. How can you make the flames different colors?
  3. Does food cook better over hot coals or in the flames?
  4. What crazy campfire songs do you know with actions?
  5. How do you tell a story around a campfire?

See how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in harmony!

Join in this campfire song from the Scouting Association another great organization who know the value of the outdoors:-

Song Campfires burning.

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