Who am I? Said Jesus.

Mark 8 27 -38    v35 “Those who want to save their lives will lose them. But those who lose their lives for me and for the Good News will save them.”

In the affluence of todays world many choices are made every day. Some are big and some small but they effect how we live and how others see us. Big decisions are like who to work for, when to retire, to live in a large house, or buy a cottage? Smaller decisions to have steak for supper or hamburgers, to go to a ball game or visit with family, to shop for things we want or to give to charity?

And then there is the decision to answer the question “Who am I ?” said Jesus

In this passage the desire to save ourselves, to make the big or small decisions in life using earthly desires , selfish ways, is the way to loose. The choice to follow Jesus and show that choice to others is the way to be saved.

Take a walk today or sit in the remaining warm sunshine of the last few days of summer and reflect on the question who is Jesus to me? Savior, friend, light in the darkness?

Holy Father, thank you for sending your son to this world so that all may shine in his light. Amen

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