From grief to joy!

Esther 7:1-6, 9-10; 9:20-22 v22 ” In that month their grief turned to joy and their mourning into a holiday.”

Esther was a brave Queen who hid the fact that she was a Jew from her husband King Xerxes. When however, the request to destroy the Jews came to the King the Queen spoke to her husband, risking her life if he did not grant her request. Ultimately the man who requested death to the Jews was killed and a day of celebration was declared to remember this time “with the days for feasting and celebrating and sending gifts of food to one another, especially gifts to the poor.”

In our everyday lives we might put on a crown to dress up for Halloween, and plot to save our friends and neighbors from the invading beetles that like to kill trees. The chance to really put our belief on the line and stand up to others like Esther does not happen? Even if it did why would we do it? In this story in the Old Testament we learn the rewards of standing up for what you believe in , to be able to celebrate with your family and friends and have your “grief turned to joy

This week Thursday September 30th is the first day for the Federal Government holiday for Truth and Reconciliation. However it is not an official holiday in Ontario. So write, email or call your local member of Parliament and stand up for your neighbors . Wear orange and join in the walk around Ayr details here. It is the path to healing and the way to “turn grief into joy.”

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